Friday, September 28, 2018

Here Comes Halloween

Welcome to the Axelsson Fun Factory and House of Curiosities. We are a family who cannot stop making things. Some of our projects are useful, some are just fun, but we have decided it is time to share our particular brand of crazy.

Halloween is a great time for making. One of my favorite things to do with our 3D printer is to make lithophanes, basically 3D printed pictures that really pop when you shine a light behind them. This year I decided to make a lithophane of my eye. I was just going to try to mount one in a Jack-o-Lantern but then I saw this mask at the dollar store.

I started with the lithophane of my eye. This is just a pic I took with my cell phone camera and then converted. I use Cura for making the conversion. There is an awesome free program from 3DPRocks  for making images into lithophanes. Image to Lithophane I just have played around enough with making lithophanes that I prefer making them in a program that I can tweak more.

I saw this mask at the Dollar Store while looking for something else and it just seemed like a really good place to put some eyes.

Putting the eyes in place was somewhat simple. I used regular scotch tape to get them positioned where I wanted them. Surprisingly the lithophanes were still pretty clear even through the tape so you could just mount them that way if you wanted a temporary project. I was liking the way this looked so I wanted a more permanent solution. With the tape holding the lithophanes in place I filled the sockets with UV resin and set them with a UV light. The resin adds a bit to the look of the eyes and really helps to make it look as though they are following you. 

And here is the finished product. I will probably add lights behind the eyes for Halloween night, for now he is just sitting in my kitchen looking spooky. 

Here is a link to the .stl files to print a set of eyes:

And here is a link to buy a set of eyes printed by me: