Sunday, December 9, 2018

Better Than a Gold Star

One of the first designs I made for my 3D printer was the Swedish Heart design.

I had always loved making folded paper hearts with my kids and wanted to make a Christmas ornament in that style.
I used my favorite program OpenSCAD and some math and created something I really loved.

Even now this is my favorite design and the earrings made from it are the best selling item in my Etsy shop.
But I’ve never made a necklace that I’m really happy with. 

3D printing is great for earrings where being lightweight is an advantage. But I always feel the necklaces need more weight. Which is why I started experimenting with resin.
I’m still working on creating the right resin and PLA necklace, but in the meantime decided to try Shapeways.

Shapeways is a 3D printing service that allows you to print your designs in many more materials than I can print at home. So I took my design for a 3D printed Swedish Heart Necklace and sent it to them to have printed in rose gold plated brass.

I couldn’t be more thrilled. The original estimate on delivery was almost a month but it arrived in half that time. The necklace turned out beautifully. It is a great weight and seems really well made.

Shapeways allows you to put up your designs to sell, so I will put up a few designs I think would look good in materials I cannot print in. I will probably put up the matching heart earrings and try to justify to myself buying the set.

But being able to send out my design and have it printed somewhere else in a new material really makes me feel like I have leveled up as a designer.

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