Sunday, December 16, 2018

Wrap It Up

No-Sew Cord Wrap

So a year or so ago I was looking around at different types of cord wrap projects and I loved the simplicity of the cord taco.

I tried my hand at making my own and was very happy with the results, but of course I had to try to improve the process. I ended up using magnetic fasteners and iron on patches to make a no-sew cord wrap that is both easy to make and very durable.

Now my kids end up stealing my phone charging cord all the time because it is in the best shape and always easy to find. So for Christmas I am getting them new cords and making them their own cord wraps.

I only need 3 materials:

Magnetic Fasteners like these from Amazon:

 2" x 3" Iron-On patches also available on Amazon but I grabbed them at Walmart.

And last some sturdy fabric, I find material from old blue jeans to be very useful.

The 2"x3" patches are the perfect size as is, but you can also cut larger patches to different shapes.
The magnetic fasteners have legs that slip through small cuts made in the patch.
Use the back plates that come with the fasteners are to mark where to make your cuts.
Slip the fastener through the front of the patch and place the back plate behind the patch (shiny side), then bend the legs out.
Flip the patch over and iron it onto some sturdy material like an old pair of jeans or canvas. The patch will secure the fastener and keep any material from fraying.
Once the patch is fully secured (iron both sides) let it cool and then cut around the edge and wrap it around a cord.
I use washi tape to personalize the chargers to make sure my kids know which one is theirs.
And there you have it, perfectly organized cords. Easy to hang and keep track of.

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