Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Succulent Life

I live in a house full of very creative individuals. That means constant projects and ideas flying everywhere. Mostly (aside from the mess) this makes me happy. I love that my kids are always finding new ways to engage themselves and my husband and I totally encourage them trying new things. But sometimes their ideas get ahead of themselves, like when they bought some succulents over Christmas.
The kids had big ideas about what a nice succulent garden they would make, together. Together is the kicker. Here it is February and they have still not agreed on a "together garden" and the plants are sitting in a box on my kitchen table. So I decided to start designing some planters with my favorite 3D software, OpenSCAD.

It was a lot of fun playing around with the geometry.  My constraints were having enough room to hold a plant and wanting to be able to print the shape without supports. That gave me a lot to play with.
But of course nothing mom designs is good enough for their plants. Maybe at some point I will post what they come up with for their plants. 

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