Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starter

Atlanta is preparing for snow, but I'm thinking of spring.

I always keep a garden, but since 90% of what I grow gets eaten by my kids the moment it is ready, I try not to spend too much on my plants. That means I start what I can from seeds.

Usually I start my seeds in egg cartons. But last year I had a bunch of leftover saved toilet paper tubes and my 3D printer and thought I would see about creating something to start my seeds in those tubes.  

The benefit over egg cartons would be that I could develop longer roots, and I would also be able to transplant the entire tube.

There were a couple of problems that needed to be solved as I worked on this problem. 
First I could not just create a "foot" to hold the tube because the damp soil would cause the tube to unravel. I also could not just create a solid tube because it needed air circulation in order to not rot.

Eventually I came up with a fun working design. and successfully grew seedlings I was able to transplant directly into my garden. I was able to reuse my holders from last year and even add some more designs. Now I have a new way to recycle my toilet paper rolls and start my garden.

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