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Tiny Eggs

I am a maker. I love my projects, but I also make a lot of food. Every once in while a food crosses the line into a "make".

Today that food is the Scotch Egg.

If you ever find yourself with tiny eggs, the scotch egg is the perfect use for these little guys. 

Traditionally it is a British picnic food which means it is hearty and travels well. And if you are wondering why a vegetarian would bother making something like is always fun to put food inside of other food, but I also have 2 teenagers and protein that is hearty and travels well is a good thing to have during this time where they sometimes are growing inches overnight.

So scotch eggs...

Basically a hard boiled egg.
Wrapped in sausage.
Then fried.
You can imagine the reason I use tiny eggs is because these get rather large if you make them with regular eggs.

The actual recipe:

Tiny Eggs (ask for them from a friendly egg farmer)
Gimme Lean Vegetarian Sausage
Panko Breadcrumbs
Oil for Frying

Hard boil the eggs, approximately 6 minutes. Peel the eggs and then chill them. Take the Sausage out of its wrapper and form a ball slightly smaller than the hard boiled egg. Flatten out the ball and place the hard boiled egg inside. Wrap the sausage around the egg, sealing it completely. Once you have the eggs wrapped, chill them again. I personally don't mind all the "chilling steps" because it gives me time to clean up between steps. Prepare the oil for frying, you can deep fry or pan fry, just make sure you have enough oil that you will be able to reach halfway up the wrapped egg. Set up three bowls, 1 with flour, 1 with raw egg, and 1 with breadcrumbs. Roll the sausage wrapped eggs in the flour, then the egg and lastly the breadcrumbs. Make sure each step covers the egg completely, we are really trying to seal it well. Place the egg ball in the oil and fry until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. You can eat right away, or put in the refrigerator for later. They can be eaten cold, or warmed back up. My favorite is to warm them up and eat with a green salad. Or stick them in my kids' lunches.


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