Saturday, April 6, 2019


In 2016 my family went to Sweden where my husband is from. It is an expensive trip so we really try to see and do a lot while we are there.
Old house in Skansen 
One day we went out for a Viking day at the national history museum.
The kids got to try their hand at some Viking activities.
But one thing they found was a game called Kvarn.
It might have been all the walking around they had already done that day, but when they sat down to play it they could have sat there for hours. So I made a note to try to recreate it at home.

Through a little research I found out that this is the same game as Nine Men's Morris, a game I had heard of but never played before. It is a very old game with roots back to the roman empire.

So I knew I definitely wanted to make my own version.
I started with an unfinished wooden square.
I designed the layout of the board in OpenSCAD so that each spot could fit a button magnet.
I finished the wood with a dark stain and affixed the 3Dprinted pieces and magnets.
I printed simple instructions to glue to the back and covered the whole thing with layers of Helmsman polyurethane.
We raided my bottle cap collection for playing pieces.
 But I also include a bottle opener so that you can make new pieces.

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